about udor

udor is a new york city-based contemporary artist, specializing in surrealistic paintings and photography. Born into a media family during the wild, creative movement of the roaring 60's in Schwabing, Munich's Bohemian Quarter, he discovered his love for visual arts, especially photography, sometime around the age of eleven. The distinctive quality and unique depth of his work today can be traced back to these early experiences. An editorial fashion photographer by trade, he covers Fashion Week in NYC and works as a Creative Director and Photographer for various online and print magazines. (see: udor photography)

In his early forties, circumstance provided him the fortunate opportunity to immerse himself in painting and drawing on a level previously impossible and improbable. Since early childhood, he saw the world in a different way from most of his peers. He recognizes the absurd, values humanity in extraordinary ways, and explores the potential to create images that have been visible only in his imagination, to express them on canvas, utilizing painting as a medium for that which cannot be captured by his camera, and to explore the limits of his natural talent.

He soon recognized the power of surrealism and began to invent uses of its hidden humor, juxtapositions and playfulness to function as a tool of social criticism as well as a way of capturing the moods of the the collective unconscious in the unconventional free spirit of his imagination.

His preferred medium is acrylic on canvas but many of his past work was done with Prismacolor on Bristol board.

udor can be reached via email at udor@surrealities.net